Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My First Blog Post

"Batman: Arkham Knight" is the finale of a trilogy of master-game developer Rocksteady. The first two parts were terrific, the expectations of the last part are high. Can they meet the Dark Knight?

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The Joker is dead, but he will not let Batman going. In the last part of the trilogy of Rocksteady grinning supervillain plays an important role. Joker Batman accompanied it were up to the end and never be the two were as close as in "Arkham Knight". Players of the two predecessors are guessed what it is: Joker Batman has injected his tainted blood in "Arkham City".

Why can not see the dead Batman Joker?
Why can not see the dead Batman Joker?
(Photo: Screenshot)
However, the strip pulling villain in Rocksteady finale is another old acquaintance: Scarecrow. The creepy Scarecrow villain has been swept clean by threatening to flood the entire city with its fear-gas Gotham. In the gloomy streets prevails Scarecrows bandit army, led by the mysterious and powerful martial Arkham Knight. Between them scattered fire and police troops who fight more than survive to their city.

Interesting Story

Scarecrow would have an easy time, but Batman and Commissioner Gordon intrepid stand to meet him. More is not betrayed, because that would have fun in the great story of the game ruin. She continues to surprise with new twists and Joker is not the only old acquaintances, the Batman again sees in "Arkham Knight".

The Riddler leaves Batman this time not only puzzle.
The Riddler leaves Batman this time not only puzzle.
(Photo: Screenshot)
The side missions are largely successful and offer more variety in a stunning game. So Batman has to save kidnapped firefighters, enlighten a gruesome series of murders and chase a mutant scientist. And of course there are again plenty of Riddler puzzles and trophies.

Extensive game world

Gotham and the characters of the game look amazing, the graphics are a treat. If one focuses on the "sights", the game world is not really so much larger than in the previous parts. Many elements are repeated and to discover there are not off the mission routes too much.

The Batmobile looks good on him.
The Batmobile looks good on him.
(Photo: Screenshot)
Batman learns more tricks to fly even more elegant and see the fights with some skill almost choreographed from. The movements of the Dark Knight are absolutely fluent, the animations filmreif. However, if you already in "Arkham City" had problems, to remember the many keyboard shortcuts, will perhaps feel overwhelmed. But for that, the game offers training missions, whose completion is rewarded with points, which players can improve Batman's equipment and skills.

Batman too often behind the wheel

But the biggest news is the Batmobile. The Dark Knight is racing with him to job sites, fighting drones armor, breaking through or climbing walls. In principle, Rocksteady is quite succeeded the Swiss army knife on four wheels. But it gets a little too often used, especially for players who want to explore the city rather walk and over the roofs sliding. But this only applies to the main mission. The savage battles that we deliver in the Batmobile with chariots and helicopters of Arkham Knight, are as amusing as chases. For sightseeing engage in what it just short times of, except for a few gangsters No one has it.

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Also enjoy the new possibilities offered by the remote-controlled Batmobile when overcoming obstacles. Some tasks and puzzles with the vehicle acting but very fake and sometimes unintentionally funny. Remain are just shocked that over the pile driven and taken by Bat bullets and enemies are not dead, you take slightly back, shaking his head. Not even in a Formula 1 tank - just Batman does not kill.

PC version must detention

Sometimes one of the Batmobile-ruckus gets on my nerves and Rocksteady has missed some opportunities in action and equipment. But the bottom line is "Batman: Arkham Knight" a successful finale of the trilogy. It's great fun, the story entertains and the graphics are great. A large, but there are still "Arkham Knight" is currently only available on the new consoles a pleasure n-tv.de it played at a PS4. The PC version, whose implementation Rocksteady apparently given to another studio, is still an error defying disaster, the sale was temporarily halted. A first update has indeed already published. Until the PC version console level has been reached, but still need more to come.